Learn Lightroom the Easy Way

What Will You Learn?

Jump into Adobe with the Adobe Lightroom Bootcamp: a fun-filled, intensive day of learning everything you need to get up and running right with Lightroom, Adobe’s premiere digital asset management and editing application. We’ll cover the crucial steps from setting up your Lightroom catalog to importing, organizing, editing, and outputting your digital images. Not only will you learn to manage and edit your digital photos, but you’ll learn how to do it more efficiently and effectively.

Unlike pre-recorded video tutorials, you’ll have direct access to your instructor and your fellow classmates in this live, in-person workshop.

Is this Workshop for You?

Whether you’re finally digging into your family’s old photos, starting a photography business from the ground up, or building skills for your resume, this is the primary course for beginner photographers and photo editors.

Taught by Jon Haverstick >



Write Your Way to the Screen

What Will You Learn?

The focus of the course may be considered the ‘classical’ principles of screenwriting rather than the more avant-garde approaches to the art. We’ll study and discuss films from a range of genres: political thriller, western, romantic comedy, indie features, and Hollywood classics.

We’ll also discuss the business side of screenwriting, such as selling a script and working with agents, managers, producers, directors, casting agents, etc.

Is this Workshop for You?

All the great screenwriters started somewhere.

Do you want to start a new hobby, prepare for college film courses, or develop your career? The ideal student for this course always has a story to tell and wants to understand the fundamentals of getting their idea on the page.

No experience is required for this four-day course. If you have never read a script or learned to analyze movies and want to understand the business and craft of screenwriting, you’ve found the right place.

Taught by Gary Allen>